Understand your current situation by visualising your processes, routines and business-critical information

"This is a way of actually helping create less work, fewer reports and fewer meetings – involving everybody."

We are visual beings. We live in an era where we no longer all work together in the same place. We can no longer talk to each other freely and find out what’s going on in the company. Our roles and functions are becoming more and more specialised. The more this happens, the less we can see any kind of big picture or meta understanding of our processes.

Imagine the organisation as a game of football: by simply having their eyes open, everyone can see each other and they can see the ball, the goal, the time, the score and what the opponents are doing. In this context, they are working with the best information system possible.

Instant understanding of business-critical information
However, for many businesses today, it is like they are kicking the ball from a network of tents camped on the pitch. No one sees the big picture. Everyone is asking themselves, where is the ball? Are we close to the goal? Who are our opponents?

The key for organisations to regain an understanding of their operations and their current state of play is to have sight of the right business-critical information – through visual management.

Know your current status and identify problems immediately
This course reveals the secrets of visual management through a framework of tools that give you an instant overview of what is happening in your organisation, gain instant feedback, know what your current status is and identify problems immediately. All by simply opening your eyes.

“Everyone, from the CEO to frontline workers, can ask themselves, what type of information do I need or want to see in my role or function?” Niklas Modig

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