Become a more flow-oriented organisation

“Our last client took this course and implemented 196 improvements within just 6 weeks.”

Expert speaker, bestselling author and award-winning instructor Niklas Modig takes the most widespread management concepts and combines them with the latest insights from the most successful organisations in the world and teaches them in his popular course, The Foundation of Operational Excellence.

“The course inspires the client to develop a capability-building capability, we call it,” says Niklas Modig.

“Our last client took this course and implemented 196 improvements within just 6 weeks.”

“By implementing new improvements every week, clients can increase productivity, quality, or customer orientation, but they can also to decrease lead time or just eliminate waste or solve problems. You can use the course in different ways. It depends on what you need or what you want to improve.“

Develop new ways
of working...


Is efficiency killing your organisation? Increase productivity by switching from resource-efficiency processes to flow efficiency - better end-to-end flows and customer orientation.

& Process Management

Create real change and fast innovation across your teams by introducing the powerful tools of visualisation, value-stream mapping and process management techniques.


Create continuous improvement from day one, in any industry (production, construction, service, healthcare, etc.) or function (administration, logistics, manufacturing, sales, etc).

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