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“There are no excuses. And there is more competition than ever. This course will get everyone up to date.”

Henrik Kniberg is known as an international speaker, author, an agile/lean/scrum/kanban expert, developer, entrepreneur, YouTube star and originator of the so-called Spotify Model.

He prefers more humbly to call himself a gameplay designer and team coach, due to his current role as a Minecraft designer/developer at Mojang Studios. He is also a co-founder of operationalexcellence.com.

He not only knows software. He also knows what works and what doesn’t. His new course Software Excellence - agile essentials reveals the key principles of highly innovative product development, building cross-functional teams and building great software.

“What I’ve done is focus on what the participants get out of it. And that is a number of concrete principles of software success and a huge dose of inspiration.”

“There are no excuses. And there is more competition than ever. This course will get everyone up to date.”

Develop new ways
of working...

& Process Management

Create real change and fast innovation across your teams by introducing the powerful tools of visualisation, value-stream mapping and process management techniques.

Agile: predictive versus adaptive

Learn how to choose when to implement predictive planning (linear, specific, etc) for project versus adaptive planning for evolving projects with an undetermined timeline.

Maximising value (versus output)

Discover the methods and best practices for maximising quality and value for the end-customer through clear lines of communication, transparency and continuous feedback.

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