A powerful framework of 16 capability measures for self-diagnosing the true state of your operations

"We can compare different divisions or different functions and take their temperature - sort of like a doctor makes a diagnosis."

Having spent over 2000 hours studying inside the heart of Toyota Japan, international keynote speaker, author and Lean expert Niklas Modig reveals the success patterns of highly effective organisations and shows you how to set a self-diagnosis of your company’s ways of working.

This course presents a framework of 16 different capabilities that are found in the most efficient and most productive companies, whether in service, distribution, manufacturing, construction or administration. By showing each of these capabilities as desired states, the course allows leaders and employees to assess and understand their current operations using a framework of 5-point measures for each capability.

Pinpoint root causes of operational sticking points
These powerful diagnostic measures (16 x 5 in total) uncover the true picture of your organisation and can involve all employees. These snapshots reveal the patterns of where improvements are needed most and they pinpoint the root causes of your operational sticking points.

Ultimately, this self-diagnosis framework - taught and delivered in online form - gives you a clear goal of the improvement work needed in your company from an operational perspective and shows exactly where effort is required. From here, your leaders and employees then determine the areas of greatest need and priority.

Greater productivity and competitive edge
By achieving a greater level of operations management, you can remove silo-thinking and sub-optimisation. This course becomes the trampoline that kick-starts your journey towards achieving better organisational alignment, productivity and customer orientation - not to mention a sharper competitive edge in your industry.

“So, we can both get a grade out of all of these measures but also see patterns across and within them because all 16 capabilities are co-related.” Niklas Modig

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