Revitalise your organisational communication

"Within the organisation level, you can apply new frames that set the way you expect meetings and interaction to follow."

Speaker, author and coach Peter Nilsson has 24 years of experience in companies around the world. His focus is on helping large organisations be better communicators and learn to collaborate smarter and more efficiently.

This exclusive new course, Communications Excellence 1, is the first in a series that puts the finger on what works (and what doesn’t) in communicating across every department or level of seniority. He uses storytelling and metaphors to teach simple and easily understood concepts for effective communication.  

Participants receive a powerful set of unique tools and frameworks for different kinds of interaction, collaboration and leadership. These promote a shared language and common expectations, as well as build stronger, efficient teams with clearer focus.

“So after doing the course, what I see every time is that people start to make a lot of changes immediately.”

“A manager called me and said that, Peter, we have cut our meetings in half and we are talking about the right things. Not only that, I now have a better connection with my teenage daughter!”

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Excellence 2

Implemented by Peter Nilsson

Excellence 2

Implemented by Peter Nilsson

Leadership Excellence 2

Taught by Peter Nilsson

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